Loco Negro teamed up with Bozo for new collaboration LP

Loco Negro & Bozo - BAM Chicano Rap

High Caliber Records recording artist Loco Negro teamed up with former Hi Power Entertainment/ Soldier Ink recording artist Bozo to bring you a new collaboration LP called "BAM". The official release date was Febuary, 1st. Here's a little statement about the record: "using our natural environment and culture to provide you with clear eye view of how we live as minorities in California positive and negative brutally honest and inspiring to our community". As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play and so on. I just finised listening to the album over at Spotify and need to say that it has some really dope tracks, my favorites being "Salute MF" and "Pinche Jura".

01. Intro
02. Salute MF
03. Show 'Em How We Do It
04. Killer From The West
05. Pinche Jura (feat. Al Gramz)
06. Back It Up
07. Skit
08. Momma Told Me
09. 90's Babyb
10. Penitentiary Chances
11. Who I Gotta Be
12. Who The Shooter
13. Outro

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