M.O.B.G Entertainment's latest LP "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" is out now

M.O.B.G Entertainment - Pac Town Riders Vol. 3 Chicano Rap

In 2012 M.O.B.G Entertainment released its debut album "Pactown Riders Vol. 2". Earlier this week the long-awaited "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" project finally saw the light of the day. The compilation features all new songs from artists such as Sleepy Malo, Spanky Spank-A-Hoe, Solo, Ace, Conejo, Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica, Venom and more. The LP also features Sleepy Malo's latest hit single "Pacoima CA" which was heard on Mister D's "West Coast Radio Show" on Koko 94.3. We have no information about if there will be pressed copies available or not. For now you can pick up your digital copy from Amazon or CDBaby by clicking on the links. Here's the full "Pactown Riders Vol. 3" tracklist and feature list:

01. Sleepy Malo - Intro
02. Sleepy Malo - Balling (feat. Solo, Ace)
03. Sleepy Malo - Aquaman
04. Spanky-Spank-A-Hoe - Tell Them Where You From
05. Venom - Barrel To Your Face (feat. Suspect, Chico)
06. Conejo - Lay Low
07. Nefarious Mexica - Why Must I
08. Vic The Grinch - Ring Around The Rosie's
09. Sleepy Malo - Pacoima CA
10. MC Jollo - Anybody Killa
11. Crazy G - Born And Raied
12. Nefarious Mexica - Backyard Volo
13. Sleepy Malo - This Is MOBG Ace
14. Gangster Twist - City Of Gs
15. Crazy G - Money Over Here
16. Sleepy Malo - Where You From (feat. Gangster Twist, Nefarious Mexica)
17. Conejo - This Is C Rock
18. Pnut - All Day Every Day
19. Conejo - If Only You Knew
20. Sleepy Malo - Same Game [REMIX]
21. Sleepy Malo - Outro

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