Malow Mac released banging album "Ghetto Boy"

Malow Mac - Ghetto Boy Chicano Rap

Malow Mac released his newest album "Ghetto Boy" a couple of days ago. Features include artists such as Sad Boy Loco, Kokane, Fingazz, Frenchy Valens, Kid Frost, Jah Free, ODM, Sick Jacken and more. Back in 2020 he already released the 1st video for a song from the album called "Take Me Back" featuring Frenchy Valen and Fingazz. The video was followed by 2 more which can all be seen by clicking on the respective link below. If you like what you hear and see you can buy the digital version from iTunes or Tidal. I listened to the album earlier today and need to say that this, at least according my taste, is Malow Mac's best solo album so far!

01. Ghetto Boy Introduction
02. Ghetto Boy (feat. David Ortiz)
03. Ask About Me (feat. Sad Boy Loco, Kokane)
04. 7 Days (feat. Rudaina)
05. Ghetto Jam
06. Love You Better (feat. Fingazz)
07. You Know (feat. Outwest)
08. Take Me Back (feat. Frenchy Valens, Fingazz)
09. Ballin Now
10. Hood Thang (feat. Kid Frost, Jah Free)
11. Old School Cruise (feat. ODM, Kayla Rae)
12. Notorious
13. Pray To My God (feat. Sicka Jacken)

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