Malvados Click member Serio released solo album

Serio - Serio The One Chicano Rap

Back in June we reported that Malvados Click member Stilow Nasty released his solo album "Dirty Money". Just a couple of days ago we reported that the group also re-released their self-titled LP. Now we are back to report that group member Serio (The One) also released a brand new solo album called "Malvados Click Presents... Serio The One". The LP includes features by Necio, Stilow Nasty, Mz. Gatiz, O.G Lyrics, Lil Owl, ThugAngeln9na, La Secncilla Lopez and more. To buy the digital version move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Back On The Mic
02. Andamos En El Viaje (feat. Necio)
03. Aki En Califas (feat. Mz. Gatiz, ThugAngeln9na)
04. Back In The Days (feat. La Sencilla Lopez)
05. Love Dedication (feat. La Sencilla Lopez)
06. El Homie
07. Ya No Hay Tiempo
08. Se Esconden (feat. Necio, Stilow Nasty, O.G Lyrics)
09. Pa Que Hablen
10. Asalto (feat. Stilow Nasty)
11. La Vida (feat. Jessi V, Demon Loko, Stilow Nasty)
12. 619 A La 664 (feat. Lil Owl, Dreamer, Stilow Nasty)
13. Oldie Jam (feat. Ese Wacho, Necio, Stilow Nasty)

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