Malvados Click released "Oldies Para El Barrio"

Malvados Click - Oldies Para El Barrio Chicano Rap

As you might know "Punta Trucha" by Malvados Click featuring Knightowl is one of my favorite Chicano Rap songs, a song that was released on an blum more than 11 years ago. Over the last 2 years they've been realy active releasing group projects as well as solo projects from the members. Late 2020 they also released an all oldies called "Oldies Para El Barrio". The album consists of 11 all new songs and brings you nothing but the vintage Chicano Rap oldies sound. As usual you can either stream the album over at Spotify or buy it from the known digital music stores such as Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. Just Me & My Nine
02. Got Two (feat. Stilow Nasty)
03. You Cross My Mine (feat. Cisco)
04. Some Body Please
05. Sitting In The Park (feat. OG Lyrics)
06. One Summer Night
07. Money (feat. Necio)
08. La Quiero Kikiar (feat. Serio The One)
09. The Rebound
10. Tentaciones
11. Sexy Girl

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