Malvados Click released self-titled LP digitally

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People that follow the website as well as the forum closely know that "Ponte Trucha" by the Malvados Click featuring Knightowl is one of my favorite Chicano Rap songs. The track appears on their self-titled album "Malvados Click" which came out years ago. I actually first heard it in the documentary "Welcome To The 619" which can be seen you clicking here. A couple of weeks ago the LP finally hit digital stores. Besides Knightowl other features include Necio, Lil Owl, Kozme, Knightmare, Eric, Snypes, Lil T and Baby Stocks. To buy it you can move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Gangsta For Life (feat. Necio, Lil Owl)
03. Make That Ass Clap (feat. Kozme)
04. My Lady (feat. Knightmare, Knightowl)
05. Keep It Jumping
06. Ponte Trucha (feat. Knightowl)
07. To All My Ladies
08. I Know You Like It (feat. Knightowl)
09. Dreaming
10. Down The Block
11. Summer Loving (feat. Necio)
12. Shatter Dreams (feat. Kozme)
13. West Coast Cali G's
14. Back In The Mic
15. Rolling
16. V.I.P
17. Para Ti (feat. Lil Owl, Eric, Snypes)
18. At It Again (feat. Lil Owl, Lil T, Baby Stocks)
19. We In The Club
20. Outro

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