Misfit Soto's LP "Embrace The Breakdown" is out now

Misfit Soto - Embrace The Breakdown Chicano Rap

The last couple of months Misfit Soto has kept himself busy by releasing video after video and being on stage at the Latin Lockdown Tour. Mid April he also released a brand new album called "Embrace The Breakdown" featuring Conejo, Stomper, King Neeko, Lucky Luciano, Jokes and more. Below you find the links to 4 videos he released to promote the LP. As usual you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. If I'm not mistaking you can get a pressed copy directly from him by hitting him up on his official Instagram account by clicking here.

01. Cochise
02. Avalanches (feat. King Neeko)
03. On Me
04. Get It Back
05. Slippin Into Darkness
06. Never Slackin (feat. Lucky Luciano)
07. Love Is A Uzi
08. Mama Knows (feat. Kujo)
09. You Know It
10. 100 (feat. Jokes, Baby Bounce, Tr3s)
11. Street Lights
12. Hell Raiser (feat. Conejo, Stomper)
13. Demons
14. The Soundtrack To Love
15. Ride
16. Stronger
17. Don't Let Us Fall Apart (feat. Jokes)

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