Mister D's & Bobby Southland's collaboration LP "Real Brothers" is out now

May 19th SL Entertainment released its 1st album for 2017, the long awaited Mister D & Bobby Southland aka Ese Bobby collaboration LP "Real Brothers". Due to the distributor running late the digital version barely hit online stores and streaming portals yesterday. "Real Brothers" features West Coast legends Big Hutch aka Cold 187um from Above The Law, MC Eiht from Compton's Most Wanted, Squeak Ru from AllFrumTha I as well as Ese Saint, Lil Kasper aka The K.A.S, Lil Blacky, Proper Dos aka Frank V, Malow Mac, Hillside, Conejo, Enemy from Most Wanted Familia, Selo, DTTX from Lighter Shade Of Brown and Big Al. Just a couple of minutes ago they also released the 1st video for the song "Things Will Never Get Better" featuring Cold 187um and Ese Saint. To watch the video just click here. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes by clicking on one of the links. If you prefer a hard copy you should be able to get it from your local hood dealer. If you have troubles getting it you can also order it from the official SL Entertainment eBay page. Here's the full "Real Brothers" tracklist:

01. This Is It (feat. Ese Saint)
02. I'll Make You Famous (feat. Cold 187um, MC Eiht, Lil Kasper)
03. End Of The World (feat. Lil Blacky, Big Hutch)
04. Falling Into Danger (feat. Squeak Ru)
05. Things Will Never Get Better (feat. Cold 187um, Ese Saint)
06. I Can't Live Without You (feat. Proper Dos, Loomis)
07. That's Gangster Love (feat. Malow Mac, Cold 187um, Christina)
08. Streets Are So Cold (feat. Cold 187um, Christina)
09. Thinking About You (feat. Hillside)
10. Ups And Down (feat. Cold 187um)
11. I'm A Soldier (feat. Conejo, Cold 187um)
12. Hard Out Here (feat. Enemy, Cold 187um)
13. Tell Me What Do You Want To Do (feat. Selo, Breana)
14. Part Of My Soul
15. You Are Everything (feat. DTTX)
16. Things Remain The Same (Native American Song) (feat. Big Al, Loomis) [BONUS TRACK]

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