More classic Aztec Tribe music hit digital stores

Aztec Tribe - Desperados Chicano Rap

Last year saw the re-release of the Aztec Tribe classic "Straight From Tha Zone" as well as the release of Shade's solo album "Grey Skies" by Calmex Music Group. Earlier this week Calmex Music Group re-released some more Aztec Tribe music including their single "Diego Town" and a full LP called "Desperados... The Album". As usual you can get the audio from all digital stores including Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play and iTunes. So far we have information if their will be pressed copies or not. We advice to keep an eye open as the pressed of the "Straight From Tha Zone" sold out in just a few days.

01. Intro
02. Desperados
03. Mind Games
04. Hoochie Mamaz
05. Get To Know You
06. 1-800-Get-Chonch
07. Commin' Like This
08. Come And Get It
09. Hataz
10. Killa In Me
11. More Than A Playa
12. Black Rain
13. When Good Girls Go Bad
14. Freaky Ways
15. The Playground
16. Making That Money
17. Oye Como Va
18. Outro

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