Mr. Capone-E album #12 out of 12 is out now

Mr. Capone-E - Forever Oldies Chicano Rap

Today Mr. Capone-E releases his 12th album of the year called "Forever Oldies". As you can guess from the album title it's his oldies album for the year. Featured artists include King Trip, Clumsy Beatz, Magic Girl, Tyrant, Crazy Loc and and J-One. As a little exclusive the album includes a skit called "I'm Still Here (Free)" while the full song can be downloaded for free over at the official Hi Power Entertainment website The release of "Forever Oldies" is also the end of a busy year for Mr. Capone-E where he released 12 brand new albums and more than 10 music videos. Click here to see a video where Mr. Capone-E talks a little bit about the reason why he released 12 albums.

01. Oldies (Intro)
02. The Town I Live In
03. Oh Yeah (feat. King Trip)
04. Sitting In The Park (feat. Clumsy Beatz)
05. Tell The DJ (feat. Magic Girl, Tyrant)
06. Hi-Power OG (feat. J-One)
07. Old School Low Lows Pt. 2 (feat. Crazy Loc, Tyrant)
08. I'm Still Here (Free)
09. Southside Oldies
10. I'm The King Of Oldies
11. Oldie Music (feat. Tucker Lives, J-One)
12. You Think
13. So Long
14. Oldies (Outro)

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