Mr. Capone-E album #3 out of 12 is out now

Various - Narco Valley Chicano Rap

I know I'm a little bit late but Mr. Capone-E released his 3rd release of the year March, 21st. To be honest it's not a real Mr. Capone-E solo album as it's the soundtrack for the soon to be released movie "Narco Valley... Dirty Money Never Lasts". The soundtrack does of course feature Mr. Capone-E along with Crazy Loc, Script Loc, Carolyn Rodriguez, Lazy Dubb, Frenchy Made, Miss Lady Pinks, Kokane, Compton Menace, Eastwood and more. A video for the song "Ain't Nothin'" by Lazy Dubb featuring Carolyn Rodriguez and Frenchy Made can be seen by clicking on the link in the tracklist. If you want to pick up the album you can hit up Amazon, CDBaby or iTunes. You can also already be on the lookout for album #4 "A Hi Power O.G Smokeout" which will drop April, 20th.

01. Mr. Capone-E - Thugs Mansion (feat. Crazy Loc)
02. Lazy Dubb - In My Shoes (feat. Kokane, Eastwood)
03. Frenchy Made - Dirty Laundry
04. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Sell Your Soul (feat. Script Loc)
05. Lazy Dubb - Ain't Nothin' (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez, Frenchy Made)
06. Flash - You Got The Wrong One
07. Frenchy Made - D.T.F
08. Lazy Dubb - In The Wind (feat. Compton Menace, Kokane, Eastwood)
09. Mr. Capone-E - Murder Murder
10. Frenchy Made - Numb
11. Mr. Capone-E - Don't Trust Nobody (feat. Script Loc, Miss Lady Pinks)
12. Frenchy Made - Grey Skies
13. Mr. Capone-E - Narco Valley Outro

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