Mr. Capone-E album #5 out of 12 is out now

It's the time of the month again where we are able to announce that Mr. Capone-E just released his brand new album "My Gang Related" to all digital outlets. LP #5 out of 12 features the Hi Power Soldiers and Lil Troubles. Yesterday Mr. Capone-E released a brand new video for the song "Throw It Up" which can be seen by clicking here. A couple of days ago he already released 2 full tracks to Youtube called "Hoodclips" and "Lil O.G" featuring Lil Troubles. To listen to the audio click on the links inside the tracklist. If you like what you hear and see you can get your copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. In other news you can already be on the lookout for album #6 "California... All Eyez On Me" dropping June, 16th.

01. Gang Related
02. Throw It Up
03. Rules Of This Mothafucking Gangsta Shit
04. Ready To Roll
05. SS HPG Roll Call (feat. Hi Power Soldiers)
06. Eye For An Eye
07. Hoodclips
08. Lil O.G (feat. Lil Troubles)
09. Handle Your Shit
10. I'm Hitting You Up
11. Listen Up Lil Homie
12. Crazy & Psycho
13. Gang Related 13
14. Bonus Plug

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