Mr. Capone-E continues classic "Dedicated To The Oldies" album series

Mr. Capone-E - Dedicated To The Oldies Tres Chicano Rap

Last Friday marked the release of Mr. Capone-E's new album "Dedicated To The Oldies Tres". 14 years after bringing you volume 2 of the album series Mr. Capone-E delivers another classic LP including features by Green Eyes, Chevy Blue, SadGirl, Vee, Crazy Loc, Mac Dogg as well as the former Low Profile Records artists Estilo aka Mr. Sancho and Silencer. So far 2 videos have been released which can both be seen by clicking on the respective link below. For now you can buy the digital version from Amazon, iTunes, Tidal and other digital music outlets. Pressed copies are supposed to hit the streets soon.

01. Brand New (feat. Green Eyes)
02. Tears On My Pillow
03. Have You Seen Her (feat. Chevy Blue)
04. Lost (feat. SadGirl)
05. Misunderstood
06. Finter Things
07. With You Tonight (feat. Estilo)
08. Bring Back The Funk
09. Need Your Love (feat. Silencer)
10. Crazy Life Throwback
11. Gettin It Kinda Cool (feat. Vee)
12. Old School Low Low Parts [REMIX] (feat. Crazy Loc, Mac Dogg)

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