Mr. Capone-E starts the year with new album "Love And Hate"

Mr. Capone-E - Love And Hate Chicano Rap

After releasing 12 albums in 2017 Mr. Capone-E took a some time off from putting out new music. Now he's back with his latest LP "Love And Hate". The album features Pranx, J-One, ClumsyBeatz and VSBandit. The record also contains his controversial song "Fuck Mr. Capone-E". The video he shot for it was taken down from YouTube and was later re-released as "Forget Mr. Capone-E". Below you find the links to all videos which have been released so far. As usual these days you can get the LP from all digital music stores including Amazon, Google Play and iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Riding (feat. Pranx & J-One)
03. This Is Love
04. Fuck Mr. Capone-E
05. California Schoolin
06. Throw Your Hood
07. New York (feat. Pranx)
08. Animo
09. Mr. Capone-E Corrido
10. Love Me Or Hate Me
11. You Be The Judge
12. Struggle 2 (feat. ClumsyBeatz)
13. Pure Imagination (feat. VSBandit)
14. Player Needs No Love
15. Outro

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