Mr. Lil One & Mr. Shadow finally released new Tha Mistahs project

Tha Mistahs - Tha Mistahs Vol. 1 Chicano Rap

All the way back in 2003 did two of San Diego's best rappers combine to form the group The Mistahs and to release the self-titled album through Low Profile Records. 17 years later Mr. Lil One and Mr. Shadow finally released the 2nd Mistahs project called "Tha Mistahs Vol. 1". People might remember that they were supposed to release a new group album through Pimp Rollin Records which still hasn't been released despite being finished for years. To promote the new album they already released a video for the song "Statik" which be seen by clicking on the link below. Accodring to Mr. Lil One we can be on the lookout for more visuals dropping soon. As usual you can buy the album from Amazon or iTunes.

01. Statik
02. Stay True
03. Free
04. Wdgaf
05. Old Shit
06. Do You Believe It Tho
07. This Is Ours
08. Slayer
09. Shovel

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