Ms. Krazie's 1st album after 6 years got released

Ms. Krazie - Sad Girls Club Chicano Rap

6 years after releasing her last solo album "Forgive Not Forget" is Ms. Krazie back with her all new album "Sad Girls Club" which was released by Urban Kings Music Group August, 14th. The LP comes with an impressive list of features including artists such as D. Salas, MC Magic, Lil Rob, Conejo, Reverie, Chino Grande, Miss Lady Pinks, Caroyln Rodriguez and more. Pressed copies can be ordered from the official Urban Kings website by clicking here. As usual you are able to get your digital copy from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Talking about iTunes, right after the release the album hit the iTunes Hip Hop charts.

01. Just The Way You Are (feat. D. Salas)
02. Hello Loca (Amiga Mia Pt. 2)
03. Never Enough
04. The Day That You Love Me (feat. MC Magic, D. Salas, Marcus Cardenas)
05. Carnalokos (feat. Mayote)
06. Old School (feat. Lil Rob)
07. If Only I Loved Myself
08. My Son, My Life
09. Tres Lineas (feat. La Babydoll)
10. My Addiction (feat. Conejo)
11. Septemer 9 (Pretend)
12. Mente En Blanco (feat. Reverie)
13. Dont Go
14. Married To A G (feat. Chino Grande)
15. Good Woman
16. Somo Manicomio (feat. Duende)
17. Does She Know Me (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)
18. Work It Out (feat. Miss Lady Pinks, Carolyn Rodriguez)

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