"My Way" LP by Lil Cuete is out

Lil Cuete - My Way Chicano Rap

The last time we heard from Norwalk's #1 gun Lil Cuete right here on CalifaRap was when he released his "The Smoking Gun" LP through Mr. Criminal's Crime Family Entertainment. Back in January he returned with his latest album "My Way". The record consists of 13 all new songs and features Dave Abrego, Fingazz, Tonio Dai and Ness. Also back in January he released a video for the song "Tell Me Please" which can be seen by clicking here. The song is something different, something you haven't heard from Lil Cuete before, so chekc it out. I think I don't have to tell you that you can buy your digital copy from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal.

01. Money Moves
02. Hustle Mentality
03. Give It Up (feat. Dave Abrego)
04. Uber Rich
05. Break'em Down
06. Sometimes
07. Best Feeling (feat. Fingazz)
08. Let Me Serve ou (feat. Tonio Dai)
09. Tell Me Please
10. Mine (feat. Ness)
11. Loco
12. She's Lost
13. Savages

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