New 805 Clicka album "Chicano Lifestyle" officially drops Cinco de Mayo

Lompoc based Chicano Rap group 805 Clicka released its brand new album "Chicano Lifestyle" to iTunes a couple of days ago. The official release date is sheduled for May, 5th. "Chicano Lifestyle" features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Ericka Cash, Delux from legendary Cali Life Style, Crazy Boy, Wreckless and Tatt'd G. During the year they've already released 2 music videos to promote the release. The 1st video they released is for the song "Night Life" and can be watched by clicking here. The 2nd video they released is for the song "Death Row" and can we watched by clicking here. For now the album can be bought from iTunes but I'm sure other online retailers will follow on the official release date.

01. Chicano LifeStyle
02. They Don't Wanna See Me
03. Roll With The Real (feat. Mr. Criminal)
04. On My Mind (feat. Ericka Cash)
05. Thugged Out
06. Welcome To The 805 (feat. Delux)
07. Player In the Game
08. Like A Dream
09. California (feat. Crazy Boy)
10. West Coast Livin'
11. Night Life
12. In The Club (feat. Wreckless, Tatt'd G)
13. Death Row
14. They Know My Type (feat. Crazy Boy) [BONUS TRACK]
15. Answer Me

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