New compilation "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests" came out last month

Selo - Late Night Requests Chicano Rap

About a month ago Selo released a brand new compilation called "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests". The official press release reads as follows: "Selo Presents "Late Night Requests" includes 19 of the hottest love jams for 2017. This CD includes the smash singles "Baby I Love You" (Selo, Lil Cuete & Bizz), "Pieces" (Brown Boy, Big Gemini, Zig Zag of NB Ridaz & Clint Gamboa) and "Playgirl" (Nino Brown & Melvin Riley). This CD features artists: NB Ridaz, Lil Cuete, Brown Boy, Lil Bandit, Big Gemini, Nino Brown, Malow Mac, Syphon, Bizz, D. Salas, Sykk 1, Melvin Riley, Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz, Melissa Lujan, Dave Biggs, Ajay, Kinkiz and more!". Here's the full "Late Night Requests" tracklist and feature list:

01. Selo - Baby I Love You (feat. Lil Cuete, Bizz)
02. Brown Boy - Kick It (feat. Simes Carter, Melissa Lujan)
03. Big Dave - Crush (feat. Brian Fong)
04. Ajay - Love Hard
05. Selo - Guilty (feat. Philip Michael)
06. Mob Fam - Bedroom (feat. Celeste)
07. Selo - Feelin' I Feel (feat. Lil Bandit, D. Salas)
08. Zig Zag - Call Me (feat. Selo, Mob Fam, Meg'n)
09. Nino Brown - I Can't Wait (feat. Leah Renee)
10. Zig Zag - Mrs. Right (feat. C-Note)
11. Selo - With You (feat. Dos, Nikki Diaz)
12. Malow Mac - We Ride (feat. Kinkiz, Selo, Meg'n)
13. Sykk 1 - Forever
14. Nino Brown - Playgirl (feat. Melvin Riley)
15. Brown Boy - Pieces (feat. Big Gemini, Zig Zag, Clint Gamboa)
16. Selo - I Can't Believe It (feat. NB Ridaz, D. Salas)
17. Kinkiz - I Can Make You Go (feat. D. Salas)
18. Meg'n - Give It To Me (feat. Selo)
19. Syphon - She Loves Me Not (feat. Ajay)

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