New Mr. Criminal album "The Crime Family Album" drops tomorrow

No 3 months ago Mr. Criminal released his latest solo album "Palm Trees & Sunsets", which was also his 1st release on his own record label Crime Family Entertainment. Tomorrow he will release a new album called "The Crime Family Album". The LP features artists such as Money Cris, G Wicked, Sick Minded Criminals, G Rask, Whyte Smoke, Ese Lil G, Diablo, Daffy Loco, Sckitz Felonz, Big Layzie, Blacky Montana and Crazy Boy. If you want pre-order your copy on iTunes click here. So far no video for the album has been released but I'm pretty sure that we can expect some visiuals for it the next weeks. For now you can click here to listen to a preview of the song "U Don't Know The Halfs" featuring Sick Minded Criminals.

01. Lit 'Em Up
02. Not Maybe (feat. Money Cris, G Wicked)
03. Sick Minded Generals (feat. Sick Minded Criminals)
04. Get It How You Live (feat. G Rask)
05. Crime Ways (feat. Whyte Smoke)
06. U Don't Know The Halfs (feat. Sick Minded Criminals)
07. Still Im Risen
08. Stay In My Lane (feat. Ese Lil G)
09. When Im Riden (feat. Diablo)
10. Crime Family On The Rise (feat. Daffy Loco)
11. Where Im From
12. Criminals And Felonz (feat. Sckitz Felonz)
13. For The Family (feat. Big Layzie)
14. Ride Too (feat. Blacky Montana)
15. Where The Game Is (feat. Crazy Boy)
16. Crime Family Outro

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