New Sara S album "Deja Vu" is already a classic right after the release

Sara S - Deja Vu Chicano Rap

All the way back in 1999 did Sara S release her debut album "Just 4 You" through Underworld 805 Records. She's also widely known for her features on songs by Central Coast Clique, Cali Life Style as well as a gang of other Chicano Rap acts. Yesterday she returned to the scene with her latest album "Deja Vu". The LP also marks the reunion with Underworld 805 Records aka Ocho Zero Cinco Entertainment. "Deja Vu" is fully produced by Dominator and features the Central Coast Clique, Cali Life Style, Sad Girl and Mr. Capone-E. Pressed copies are available at selected stores but can also be ordered by writing an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, iTunes or Tidal. I listened to the album yesterday and need to say that it's filled with nothing but dope music. Make sure to add this classic to you collection while supply lasts...

01. Get It While It's Hot
02. Somebody Told Me
03. Turn You Out (feat. Central Cost Clique)
04. We Got That G-Funk [REMIX] (feat. Sad Girl, Dominator)
05. It's Been A Ride (feat. Dominator)
06. Cali Love (feat. T-Dre, Deluxe)
07. Stunner
08. They Don't Even Know
09. It's You
10. Deja Vu (feat. Mr. Capone-E)

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