Rocky Padilla - 40th Anniversary Chicano Rap

A couple of weeks ago we announced that Rocky Padilla is getting ready to celebrate 40 years in the music industry. Thump Records finally released the promised collection of tracks called "40th Anniversary". There are 2 versions available, a 3 disc CD box set and a USB flash drive version. The CD version contains 40 songs while the USB comes with 52 songs. To buy the CDs you can click here, to buy the USB flash drive you can click here. So far the release is not available digitally, so get your physical copies while they last.

01. Europa / Y Volvere (feat. Daniel "Pops" Padilla)
02. It'll Never Be Over For Me
03. Who's Lips You've Been Kissing
04. Mira La (feat. Danial "Pops" Padilla)
05. Melodys Song
06. Lovin You
07. What Good Is A Castle (feat. Joe Bataan)
08. No Pienses Asi (feat. Daniel "Pops" Padilla)
09. To Say I Love You
10. Straight From The Heart (feat. DW3, Frankie Fade)
11. Beggin You / The Town I Live In
12. What You Won't Do For Love
13. Como Fue (feat. Daniel "Pops" Padilla)
14. Mary Jane (feat. SGV Rydaz)
15. Baby
16. Sad Girl 96
17. Brother Where Are You
18. Delirio
19. Something About That Woman (feat. Mark Wood)
20. Confessin A Feeling
21. Baby Come Close (feat. DW3)
22. Lets Fall In Love Again
23. Be Thankful For What You've Got (feat. Bernice Nicole, DW3)
24. I Wish You Love
25. Something On My Mind (feat. Monique V, Danielle G, Vero G)
26. Let Me The One
27. Im Still Here (feat. Stephanie Alvarado)
28. Ordinary Guy (Muchacho Ordinario)
29. Make It With You
30. The Bells
31. So Fone (feat. Mr. Black)
32. Happy Man
33. Love Ballad (feat. DW3, Adam Hawley)
34. Love Won't Let Me Wait (feat. Danny Boy Padilla)
35. Medley (feat. DW3, Bobby Ross, Avila Jr, Franky Fade)
36. World Is A Ghetto (feat. Stephanie Alvarado, Mr. Black)
37. Dichoso
38. I Need Someone
39. IGangster Love (feat. Slow Pain, Mr. Lil One, Bad Boy)
40. Chillin Out
41. Let Me Be The One
42. I Wish You Love
43. Christmas Song
44. Let's Fall In Love Again
45. Let Me Know
46. Day Dreamer
47. Sweet Sensations [12INCH MIX]
48. Taco's
49. Weekend Toiz [12INCH MIX]
50. I Do Love You
51. 909 - The Beat Is Mine
52. Give Me Your Love

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