OG Dominator's long awaited album "Time Traveler" is bringing back the funk

OG Dominator - Time Traveler Chicano Rap

As we all know it has taken OG Dominator some time to finally release his long awaited funk album "Time Traveler" but it was definitely worth the wait. The video for "Throwback Sundays" was already released more than 8 years ago but for sure the LP also includes his latest hit singles "Scandal", "Fast & Crazy" as well as "Love Rejection". Besides Dominator you are going to hear the voices of Kayla Marie, Loelita, Mimo, Sara Shine, Carolyn Rodriguez, Pebbles and Bella Wether. I know we are not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but the artwork already sets the tone and keeps up with all the funky and groovy songs on the album. For now you can get the digital version from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or from wherever digital music is sold. Pressed copies are supposed to hit the streets the next couple of weeks, so keep an eye open for that. I'm sure the CDs will become collector items as soon as they are out. With "Time Traveler" Dominator displays once again that he's Chicano Rap's most complete artist.

01. If You Want Me Back (feat. Kayla Marie)
02. Scandal (feat. Loelita)
03. Keep Me Up
04. I Thought You Knw
05. Throwback Sundays (feat. Kayla Marie)
06. So Juicy
07. Fast & Crazy (feat. Loelita)
08. I Wish (feat. Mimo, Sara Shine)
09. I Wanna Taste (feat. Caroyln Rodriguez)
10. Love Rejection
11. Baby Love (feat. Sara Shine)
12. Come (feat. Pebbles)
13. By Girl (feat. Bella Wether)

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