Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA started to re-release his catalog

Omar Cruz - The Cruzifixion Chicano Rap

I still remember the hype about Omar Cruz which was going on in our forum, the CalifaRap Community, when he released his classic tape "The Cruzifixion". About 14 years afer the original release the tape, which was produced by artists such as Rome, Jullian Bunetta, Xtreme and Javie Lopez, finally hit digital music stores a couple of weeks ago. So if you didn't get a pressed copy or if you didn't download it back then you can now move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or all other online dealers. In other Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA related news you can also be on the lookout for his album "City Of Gods" hitting stores next week.

01. The Cruzifixion
02. The Take Over
03. My World
04. We Rydaz
05. My Sixteen
06. When You See The God
07. The LLA
08. Through The Eyes Of A Wolf
09. Cops Gang Bang
10. The Bells
11. The Movement
12. We Right Here
13. Let's Go
14. Digan Lo Que Digan

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