Only hard copies are available of new Crime Family Entertainment release

VA - Familia De Criminales Chicano Rap

In a time where most music is bought and heard online Crime Family Entertainment released a compilation which is only available as hard copies. Yes, it's not going to hit the usual digital music stores! The release features artists such as Mr. Criminal, Diablo, Crazy Boy, Annimeanz, Ese Lil G, Bangthozz, Wreckless, Piez, Latin Boss and many more. Check out Mr. Criminal's official YouTube page for videos for some of the songs. To order your copy move over to the Crime Family Entertainment website under Since the amount of copies is limited we advice you to not think twice and order your copy today.

01. Angel - La Familia De Criminals Corrido
02. Mr. Criminal - Family Biz
03. The Hood Affiliates - We Grew Up
04. Bangthozz - Radio Shack (feat. YK)
05. Crazy Boy - Stop My Grind (feat. Annimeanz)
06. Latin Boss - Al Tiro
07. Ese Lil G - Hate On It (feat. Dohboi, Diablo)
08. Bangthozz - Certified (feat. Crazy Boy)
09. Mr. Criminal - You Can Never Love Me
10. Crazy Boy - What You Know (feat. P Luv)
11. Diablo - From A Gang [REMIX] (feat. Krook The Felon, Oxnard Pugz, Mr. Criminal)
12. Piez - Bout That
13. Bugzy - La Familia De Criminales (feat. Mr. Criminal)
14. Bangthozz - Day 1's
15. Swifty Blue - Yellow Tape
16. Ese Lil G - Where You From (feat. Diablo, Mr. Criminal)
17. Wreckless - Cali Livin

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