Perro released his 3rd solo album "Aqui Estoy" 10 years after last one

Perro - Aqui Estoy Chicano Rap

Let's go back in the history of this website when it was still CaliRap instead of CalifaRap around 2002/ 2003. One of the 1st artists I was speaking to at that time was Perro from the Hit Squad, a group he formed with Cuete Yeska and which was affiliated with the Wicked Minds organization. Perro was also the 1st artist that I've interviewed. You are able to listen to this in the CalifaRap Classics section on YouTube by clicking here. Back then he also released his debut album "All Perro's Go To Heaven" which was followed by "Yo Soy El Perro" in 2008. 10 years later he's back his 3rd solo album called "Aqui Estoy". The new record can be bought from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. Here's the full tracklist:

01. Aqui Estoy
02. El Mundo Es Mio
03. Tu Me Conoces
04. I'm Rick Tokes'n
05. More Bottles
06. Te Vas, Pero No The Vas
07. Baddest Bitch
08. Hot Girl
09. No Seas Malo
10. Como Te Amo

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