Piez released new album through Crime Family Entertainment

Piez - All Eyes On P Chicano Rap

Crime Family Entertainment released Piez's new album "All Eyes On "P"" earlier this month. The LP which consists of 16 all new songs features artists such as Diablo, Sinner, Young Rest, Trigger Bad Azz, Fkm, Blens Tha Outlaw, Sinek, Westside Bugg and more. To promote the release 2 music videos can be found on YouTube. This includes the video for the song "Bout That Money" featuring Young Rest and the video for the title track "All Eyes On "P". To watch the visuals just click on the respective link below. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from the known dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Intro
02. Strapped Up (feat. Diablo, Sinner)
03. Bout That Money (feat. Young Rest)
04. All Eyez On 'P'
05. Addicted 2 Grindin' (feat. Trigger Bad Azz)
06. The Moment (feat. Ryan James)
07. Learn 2 Fly (feat. Fkm, Blens Tha Outlaw)
08. Real Ones (feat. Trigger Bad Azz)
09. I'm Livin' (feat. Niece)
10. Hustler (feat. Blens Tha Outlaw, Fkm)
11. I'm On Fire (feat. Sus, Westside Bugg)
12. Changed Up (feat. Sinek, Diablo, Tuck)
13. The Blocks Mine
14. Tru Ridaz (feat. Lexi Boo, Ryan James)
15. For My Fam
16. Green Right (feat. Tuck)

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