Pre-order Mr. Criminal's new album "Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets"

Mr. Criminal - Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets Chicano Rap

Mr. Criminal is going to release his new album "Blue Bandanas & Red Carpets" in 4 days, June, 13th. The LP includes features by artists such as Khalid Brooks, Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez, Stomper, Annimeanz and Young Note. You can pre-order the digital version from Google Play or iTunes. The physical copy can be ordered from the official Crime Family Entertainment website by clicking here. So far no videos have been released yet but I am sure that we can expect to see some visuals the next couple of days so keep checking Mr. Criminal's YouTube page.

01. Intro (Next Eposide)
02. Frozen
03. Top Of The World
04. Cool Mellow Breeze
05. Ridin G
06. Million Dollar Mindstate
07. Big Drip (feat. Khalid Brooks)
08. Can You Feel It (feat. Dominator, Carolyn Rodriguez)
09. Gangland (feat. Compton Ad, Stomper)
10. New Death Row Shit
11. Cash Roll Call (feat. Annimeanz, Young Note)
12. Where The Eses From
13. No Love In The Streets (feat. Khalid Brooks)
14. Wicky Wicky Westside
15. Based On A True Story 2
16. No Cap
17. Work For Me (feat. Lil Bones)
18. Wishin On a Star
19. Hold On

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