Pressed copies of O.G Big Wicked's "The Lost Tapes" are available now

O.G Big Wicked - The Lost Tapes Chicano Rap

As some of you probably already know, Orange County based artist O.G Big Wicked released his album "The Lost Tapes" digitally a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately it's not available at the moment but the good news is that pressed copies are available now. To order the CD which features artists such Primo, Joker, Mistah X, Stalker, Pops, Big J, Mr. Happs and more move over to the website of his clothing line Real Onez Apparel by clicking here. If you haven't done it yet make also sure to watch O.G Big Wicked's interview with Tony A.

01. Walking Through Your Hood (feat. Primo, Joker, Mistah X, Stalker)
02. 714 Life (feat. Big Looney)
03. 781 Redrum (feat. Cyclone)
04. Lokos (feat. La Gran Llajta, Mr. Ophir)
05. Been There Done It (feat. Big Yogie, Woody)
06. Gangster Shit
07. G'd Up (feat. Pops)
08. Party (feat. Casper, Tiny, Cyclone)
09. Undefeated (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
10. Uno Tres (feat. La Gran Llajta, Mr. Ophir)
11. Blinded Wayz (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
12. Knuckleheads
13. Real Mother Fuckers (feat. Mr. Happs, Cyclone, Casper)
14. Pandillero Regeton
15. Crystal
16. Hypnotized (feat. Big J)
17. Fucc Haters (feat. Big J)
18. Too Gangster (feat. Big Yogie, Big Trigger, Stalker, Mistah X, Realize, Joker)
19. Posted (feat. Pops, Big Yogie)
20. Lazed (feat. Cyclone, Casper)
21. Good Times (feat. Big J, Lazy)
22. GeeLaxin (feat. Cyclone)

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