Promised "City Of Gods" re-release is out

Blunts LLA - City Of Gods... Based On A True L.A Story Chicano Rap

Like announced and just a couple of weeks after re-releasing his classic mixtape "The Cruzifixion" is Omar Cruz aka Blunts LLA arleady back with another classic which finally hit digital stores. This time he and B.Y.I Entertainment re-released his album "City Of Gods... Based On A True L.A Story". If you don't own the physical version you can get the digital one from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. In the tracklist below I included the title track despite not being available on the German digital version. To me this is a minor flaw as it's my favorite Omar Cruz song.

01. Live
02. City Of Gods
03. 1234 Shots
04. Dreams
05. Armed Robberz
06. Incredible Freestyle
07. Look At Us Now
08. Fall Back
09. Struggle Continues
10. I Remember
11. Here Comes Blunts LLA
12. Some Story On The Block
13. Interlude
14. Soufle
15. Introduction To The Game
16. Interlude 2
17. Officially In It
18. We Made It
19. Libertad
20. Trust Nobody
21. Forsaken
22. La Ultima Canción

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