"Savageville" by Robbs is out now

Robbs - Savageville Chicano Rap

A couple of days before the digital release hit online dealers Robbs already started selling the pressed copies of his new album "Savageville". Now that the album is also available digitally is the right time to promote it. Featured artists include Baby Savage, Big Cypes and Cheeko. At least one of the tracks ("Love Hurts (Interlude)") was produced by Ernie G from Proper Dos. To listen to it click here. For more previews you can visit his official YouTube page. If you like what you hear you can buy the digital version from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. To pick up the physical copy hit up Robbs directly through his Instagram account.

01. Savageville
02. 4am In Pacoima
03. New Glock New Bitch
04. Deez Nutts (feat. Baby Savage)
05. Machete Face Head Ass
06. Good Times (feat. Cheeko)
07. 5pm in Pacoima City (feat. Big Cypes)
08. The Unforgiven
09. Love Hurts (Interlude)
10. Changes
11. Savage
12. Robbs Diss
13. Free Ballin'

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