Selo released new solo album "The Gentleman" digitally only

In Febuary Selo released his compilation "Selo Presents... Late Night Requests". Now he's back with a brand new solo album called "The Gentleman". Features include D. Salas, Mob Fam, Rigo Luna, Damon Reel, Ese Daz from Spanish Fly, Ajay, Niki Diaz, Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa, Lil Cuete, Brown Boy and Zig Zag from NB Ridaz. There won't be any pressed copies of this release so head over to Amazon or iTunes to get your digital copy. In other Selo related new it looks like he will already release another solo album called "Stay" the next couple of days. For sure we will bring you more information about it once the LP is out. For more information about Selo you can also visit his official website

01. So Many Nights (feat. D. Salas)
02. You & Me (feat. Mob Fam, Rigo Luna)
03. Are You Down (feat. D. Salas)
04. Maybe (feat. Damon Reel)
05. Girl I (feat. Ese Daz, Ajay)
06. Do You Miss Me (feat. Nikki Diaz)
07. Let You Get Away (feat. Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa)
08. Will He Love You (feat. Lil Cuete, D. Salas)
09. Baby Tonight (feat. Brown Boy, Damon Reel)
10. Candy Girl (feat. Zig Zag, Nino Brown, Clint Gamboa)

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