Selo's 3rd album of the year is out now

After releasing a compilation and 2 solo albums earlier this year is Selo already back with his 3rd LP called "All Or Nothing". The new album features artists such as D. Salas, Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz, Meg'n, Jacob G, Damon Reel, Next, Dave Biggs and Rigo Luna. Last week he also released a video for the song "Girl I Swear" featuring Rigo Luna which can be seen by clicking here. If you like what you hear you can get your digital copy from from Google Play or iTunes by clicking on the respective link and all other shops wherever digital music sold. In other news Selo is already getting ready to release his next music video called "Till The End Of Time" featuring Nikki Diaz. For sure we will post it in our videos sections once it's out, so keep checking back!

01. Never Meant To Hurt You (feat. D. Salas)
02. Can't Get Over You (feat. Mob Fam, Nikki Diaz)
03. Body Tonight (feat. Meg'n)
04. Good Love (feat. Jacob G, Damon Reel)
05. All You Want (feat. Nikki Diaz)
06. Touchin' (feat. Damon Reel)
07. Fienin' (feat. Meg'n)
08. I Can't (feat. Next)
09. There's A Song (feat. Damon Reel, Dave Biggs)
10. Girl I Swear (feat. Rigo Luna)

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