Sicc 2 Sicc's "Blaze It Up... The EP" is out now

Sicc 2 Sicc - Blaze It Up... The EP Chicano Rap

Despite being in the Chicano Rap game for many years there's not that much music with the own Sicc 2 Sicc (Gangsters) name on it. However, a couple of weeks ago Smilone and Tazz released a brand new EP called "Blaze It Up... The EP". Back in 2019 they already released a video for the title song "Blaze It Up Pt. 2" which can be seen by clicking here. As you can expect from the title of the EP it comes with fresh music for all you smokers out there. If you like what you hear and see you can buy it from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes.

01. Blaze It Up Pt. 2
02. Puños De La Verde
03. Roll Out
04. Bomb Bud
05. Smoke Session

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