Ski Mask Mafia released "Mistaken Identity" LP

Ski Mask Mafia - Mistaken Identity Chicano Rap

Earlier this month the Ski Mask Mafia released its long awaited album "Mistaken Identity". The group consists of artists such as YBe, Smilone, Tazz, Playdeville, Hustle Boy, Cali Boy and more. After releasing 3 videos and after building a good buzz the LP was finally released February, 7th. The videos can all be seen by clicking on the respective links below. If you like what you hear and see you have 2 options, you can go to and download "Mistaken Identity" for free by clicking here, or you can go to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and support them by picking up your digital copy.

01. Mistaken Identity
02. Rider
03. Game That We Play
04. F.A.M.E
05. Missing You
06. Take A Toke
07. 24/7
08. Doin Dirt
09. Product Of The Streets
10. On A Mission
11. Wit It
12. Loyalty

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