SL Entertainment released "Fear Of A Brown Planet" by Proper Dos

Proper Dos - Fear Of A Brown Planet Chicano Rap

SL Entertainment released a brand new Proper Dos aka Frank V album called "Fear Of A Brown Planet". The album consists of 14 songs and features Criz Beetz and Mister D. Not all songs are new as some of them have already been released on Frank V's independent LP "Chicano Rap's Finest". However in most cases the songs on the Frank V release haven't been the final mixes are even have different beats. A couple of weeks ago SL Entertainment put the song "Brown Pride" on their official YouTube account. If you want to listen to it click here. You can get the physical version of "Fear Of A Brown Planet" from eBay while the digital version can be bought from iTunes.

01. Big Creep (Intro)
02. Mobsters
03. Losing My Mind (feat. Criz Beetz)
04. Vato Loco (feat. Criz Beetz)
05. Firme Hina [REMIX]
06. Maybe Dedication
07. The Border Song
08. Brown Pride (feat. Mister D)
09. Hardest In Chicano Rap
10. Riding On My Enemies
11. Is This The End
12. Doctor Green
13. This Goes Out
14. That Vato Could Rap [BONUS TRACK]

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