SL Entertainment released new Lil Sicko album "My Neighborhood 2"

Lil Sicko - My Neighborhood 2 Chicano Rap

I.E based rapper Lil Sicko released his new album "My Neighborhood 2" through SL Entertainment already a couple of days ago. Sicko's newest LP features artists such as Lil Blacky, Big Tray Dee, Python, Frank V, Mister One, Iceberg, Villen, Mr. Fern, Mak, Synik and Kev Classik. According to my information the album will only be available online since no CDs will be pressed. So if you want to get your copy you can get it from Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and all other digital music stores. I just finished skipping through the record on Spotify and need to say that it has some dope cuts. Here's the full tracklist:

01. Pimp Rollin Is Back (feat. Lil Blacky)
02. Roll On
03. Anybody Killa (feat. Big Tray Dee, Python)
04. The Games Over (feat. Frank V)
05. Time Goes By (feat. Python, Mister One)
06. So Dangerous (feat. Iceberg)
07. From The Riva (feat. Villen)
08. I Thought You Knew (feat. Mr. Fern)
09. I.E Ride Um (feat. Mister One, Mak)
10. Ball (feat. Villen)
11. I Do It For The Money (feat. Villen)
12. Just To Get By (feat. Synik)
13. Run Up On My Enemies (feat. Villen)
14. Re-Up
15. My Ride Or Die
16. Waiting On Your Reply
17. Make It (feat. Kev Classik)
18. I Seen Better Day (feat. Kev Classik)

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