SL Entertainment released promised Hillside album

Hillside - King Of The Hill Chicano Rap

Late 2018 Hillside released his solo debut "13 Shots 2 The Dome". Like promised back then he released his 2nd LP "King Of The Hill" through SL Entertainment in March. The album which is packed with 19 songs features Mister D, Big Al, Travi SoSick, Trouble P, Thee Kas, Frank V, Criz Beetz, Frank V, Cold 198um, Lil Saint, Chino 40 Lazy, Lady Diva, Bobby Southland and Conejo. A video for the track "Player Song" featuring Big Al, Mister D and Criz Beetz can by seen by clicking here. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, Google Play and iTunes. If you prefer a physical copy you can get it from the official SL Entertainment eBay page.

01. This Is Southland
02. Dont Try To Test (feat. Big Al, Travi SoSick)
03. King Of The Hill
04. California (feat. Trouble P, Thee Kas)
05. Player Song (feat. Big Al, Mister D, Criz Beetz)
06. Come Home (feat. Trouble P)
07. Mortal Combat (feat. Frank V)
08. Running (feat. Criz Beetz)
09. We Stay On Top (feat. Cold 187um)
10. Fool Out Of You
11. On Some Hood Shit (feat. Lil Saint, Chino 40)
12. Let It Swing (feat. Lil Saint, Mr. D)
13. You Get Me Thinking (feat. Lil Saint, Lazy, Big Bal)
14. You (feat. Lil Saint)
15. Gangster Lovin (feat. Lady Diva)
16. Got To Keep Moving (feat. Bobby Southland)
17. Something To Bump [BONUS TRACK]
18. Superman [BONUS TRACK]
19. Not A Player [BONUS TRACK] (feat. Conejo, Mr. D)

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