Sleepy Malo collaborates with Sleepy G to bring you "Summer Of Sandman"

Sleepy Malo & Sleepy G - Summer Of Sandman Chicano Rap

After bringing you collaboration LPs with Mister D, Conejo and Solo Sinatra is Sleepy Malo back with his next collaboration. This time he hooked up with Sleepy G to bring you "Summer Of Sandman". The album which consists of 16 all new songs features Detta, Spanky Spank A Hoe, Damion Willis, Triste, Solo Sinatra, Gangster Twist and Multi Plier Sync. As usual these days you can download the album from Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. I listened to the LP earlier today and neeed to say that it's a really good record you shouldn't be sleeping on, so go get it!

01. Majic
02. Weekends (feat. Detta)
03. Let You Go
04. Girlfriend Number 2 (feat. Detta)
05. Mind On The Streets (feat. Spanky Spank A Hoe)
06. Sunday Afternoon (feat. Damion Willis, Triste)
07. Flatline (feat. Solo Sinatra, Detta)
08. The Bad Guy
09. No Good (feat. Detta)
10. Summer Of Sandman (feat. Damion Willis)
11. California (feat. Triste, Detta)
12. Stuntman (feat. Damion Willis, Gangster Twist)
13. Value Of A Dollar (feat. Solo Sinatra)
14. Hood Romance (feat. Damion Willis)
15. Dommo Arigato (feat. Multi Plier Sync)
16. Goodman (feat. Damion Willis)

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