Slow Pain passed away at the age of 47

Slow Pain Chicano Rap

The 5th of September marks another sad day in Chicano Rap history as one of its OGs, Slow Pain, passed away at the age of 47 as reported by the Whittier Daily News. Slow Pain who leaves behind his wife and 6 children was last heard on his album "The O.G" which was released by Silent Giant Entertainment in 2008. At that time Slow Pain has already been in the rap game for more than 15 years. He started his musical journey on Street Mentality's 1992 album "The Town I Live In". After that he went on to release one of the best Chicano Rap albums ever, "The Baby OG". Anoher group he's been part of are the G'Fellas originally consisting of him, A.L.T and Nino Brown. For a couple of years Slow Pain was also running his own label Old Town Records bringing us hits by artists such as Lil Demon, Jonny U and others. During his career his music has also been featured on numerous compilations. After quiting the rap game he became a baseball coach. His latest position was at El Rancho High School, the school he attended himself. Just a couple of weeks ago he posted a video of himself on his Instagram showing him in the studio recording new music after signing another deal with Silent Giant Entertainment. Too bad he was not able to finish at least one more record. My condolonces to his family and friends. Slow Pain, your music will live with us. R.I.P, you will be missed...

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