Stomper & Conejo released long awaited collaboration LP "Lift The Curse"

Stomper & Conejo - Lift The Curse Chicano Rap

In 2007 the beef between Conejo and Hi Power Entertainment reached new heights when G-Rabbs released his "The Anti-Christ Mixtape" including the controversial diss song "Hi Coward Diss". The songs includes disses to almost every Hi Power Entertainment artist at that time including Soldier Ink member Stomper. Fast forward to 2019, the beef between Conejo and Stomper has been long squashed, they released their long awaited collaboration LP "Lift The Curse" through Urban Kings Music Group. Features include Y-Be, Misfit Soto, Veneno, Tattoo Ink and J.Hind. The digital version can be bought from Amazon and iTunes. Since there will only be 100 pressed copies we advice to order your physical copy as soon as possible from the official Urban Kings website by clicking here.

01. Enter The Curse (Intro)
02. Welcome to Vendetta
03. The Murder Rate
04. Urban Kings
05. Sudden Impact
06. Real Scarfaces
07. Cry For Me
08. Sign Of Thee Apocalypse (feat. Y-Be)
09. Fist Full Of Bullets (feat. Misfit Soto)
10. Shadow Of Death (feat. Y-Be)
11. Hood Menace
12. La Revolucion (feat. Veneno & Tattoo Ink)
13. Set For Life XX (feat. J. Hind)
14. Life The Curse (Outro)

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