Stomper continues to not follow trends by releasing a new CD today

Stomper - 1SICKMAN76DEEP Chicano Rap

Stomper is really keeping himself busy when it comes to releasing music. The interesing thing is that he doesn't follow the digital trend and is only pressing physical copies of all his latest albums. A couple of days ago he received the copies of his new album "1SICKMAN76DEEP" which is officially out now. The LP features artists such as Sendog, Methoad Man, Bozo, Psycho Realm, Mr. Criminal, Lil Tweety, King Lil G, Conejo, Spice 1, 2Pac, Eazy-E and Sadboy Loko. Like mentioned you are not going to find this album on iTunes and so on. If you want to get it you have to buy it from Stomper directly by hitting him up on Instagram. I had the chance to listen to the album and there's not much I can say about besides "Go get it this banger while supplies last!". Interestingly the mixes were done by german artist One Eight Seven Music.

01. Shot Caller
02. Aint Nobody Safty (feat. Sendog, Method Man)
03. Are You With It (feat. Bozo, Psycho Realm)
04. Run The Block (feat. Mr. Criminal)
05. Varrio Pico Nuevo Gang
06. Surprise (feat. Lil Tweety, Mr. Criminal)
07. Better Way (feat. Mr. Criminal)
08. Open Fire And Kill (feat. King Lil G, Conejo)
09. Dont Fuck With Us (feat. Spice 1, 2Pac)
10. Menace 2 Society (feat. Mr. Criminal, Eazy-E)
11. On My Varrio (feat. Sadboy Loko, Conejo)
12. Hammer Close (feat. Conejo)

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