Stomper pressed copies of "Soldier Dreamz" collaboration LP

Stomper - Soldier Dreamz Chicano Rap

Back when Stomper was still signed to Hi Power Entertainment he started recording songs with J.Hind. They were also working on an album called "Soldier Dreamz" which at least to my knowledge has never been released officially. People that follow Stomper on his Instagram know that he's been pressing CDs lately including his classic mixtapes but also the long awaited "Soldier Dreamz" LP. Artists that are featured on the record include Grumpy, J.M.G, Ese Vollen, Malow Mac, Big Tank Mistah Fab, Spanky Loco, Slush The Villain and more. If you want to get your copy hit up Stomper directly by clicking here.

01. I Get The Money
02. Hour Of Death
03. This Is My Soul (feat. D-Lo)
04. Not Like Me (feat. J.M.G)
05. Call Me Krazy (feat. Kokane)
06. We On Fire (feat. Grafik, Feel Good)
07. Marijuana (feat. Demolition)
08. Go Loco (feat. Mistah F.A.B)
09. Destiny (feat. A.R Styles)
10. H.U.S.T.L.I.N.G (feat. Malow Mac)
11. Parking Lot (feat. Grumpy)
12. The Missing Element (feat. Grumpy, JT The Bigga Figga)
13. Rolling With A Glock (feat. Ese Villen)
14. Lies
15. Blaze It Up (feat. J.M.G)
16. Lets Get This Paper (feat. Dre Infinate, Lil Zane, Badazz)
17. We Bang Wicked (feat. Spanky Loco, Topp Dogg)
18. The World Is Mine (feat. Big Tank)
19. Aint No Sence (feat. Slush The Villain)

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