Sylent released his debut album "Insomnia"

Sylent - Insomnia Chicano Rap

Members of our forum, the CalifaRap Community, are well aware of Sylent, a constant poster since 2006. The same people are also well aware that the Norwalk native worked on his first solo album for more than a decade. Earlier this month the wait was over when "Insomnia" finally saw the light of the day. The album consists of 17 songs and comes with production by Sylent himself as well as Steve Vicious and L.A Hitman. The digital version can be bought from Amazon, CDBaby, Google Play, iTunes and wherever digital music is sold. CDBbaby also carries the physical release in case you prefer that. There's also an instrumental version of the album if you want to get some of the beats.

01. Wake Up Intro
02. Insomnia
03. Still
04. Old Dogg
05. The Last Laugh
06. Life
07. Seven
08. Kept You
09. Ain't Doin' Nothin'
10. Middlez Up
11. Smoke The Pain Away
12. My Dying Day
13. Amnesia
14. Last Breath
15. Dedication (The Truth)
16. Love After Death???
17. Midnight Prayerz

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