The Boyboy West Coast's debut release "Playboy Gangsta" is out now

The Boyboy West Coast - Playboy Gangsta Chicano Rap

I'm sure most of you haven't heard about Santa Barbara based artist The Boyboy West Coast yet. Earlier this month he released his debut mixtape/ album "Playboy Gangsta". Features include Sleepy Malo, Enemy from Most Wanted, Maldito from the 805 Clicka, Kayla Marie, Loelitah, Tory Lanez, Raskal Loko, Cee, V-Dare, Tatt'd G, JGOTB, Emmanuel Sings, Wreckless and Lito G. If you want you can listen to the release for free on his official page by clicking here. If I'm not mistaking you can get your version for about $5 directly from him over at his official Instagram account.

01. Sleep On You (feat. Tory Lanez)
02. Aint Hard Enough (feat. Maldito, Raskal Loko)
03. If I Showed You (feat. Cee)
04. Work You (feat. V-Dare)
05. Been A Thug (feat. Sleepy Malo, Enemy)
06. I Just Wanna (feat. Tatt'd G, JGOTB)
07. Maybe We Can Kick It (feat. Emmanuel Sings)
08. Put It On Ya (feat. Wreckless, Kayla Marie)
09. Oh I Oh
10. Side Bitch Callin' (feat. Lito G)
11. Take You Home (feat. JGOTB)
12. Venting
13. Feelin' Up (feat. Loelitah, JGOTB)

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