"The Untouchable Owl Pacino" returns

Mr. Knightowl - The Untouchable Owl Pacino Chicano Rap

Almost 3 years after releasing "The Return Of The King Pin" is Mr. Knightowl back with his latest solo album "The Untouchable Owl Pacino". The LP which already hit digital stores includes features by Big J, Duende, Payaso915, Kokane and Biz. To buy the digital version you can move over to Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Pressed copies are supposed to hit the streets December, 18th. If you want to pre-order your CD you can do so over at Knightowl's official website sawedoffkartel.com. All songs can also be previewed over at his official YouTube page. We strongly advise you to either get the digital or phyiscal version as he released another Chicano Rap classic with "The Untouchable Owl Pacino".

01. The Dead Don't Talk
02. Boys On The Block
03. Dope Man (feat. Big J)
04. Never Gonna Die (feat. Big J)
05. You Ain't Got Shit On Me (feat. Duende, Payaso915)
06. The Man With The Plan
07. Big City Of Dreams
08. Cosa De Puro Mafioso
09. Way OG [REMIX] (feat. Kokane)
10. I Keep It Gangsta (feat. Big J)
11. Die In Cali
12. She Swallowed It (feat. Big J)
13. I Dont Love You No More (feat. Big J)
14. Why Did You Call Me (feat. Big J)
15. I Want To Be With You
16. Life Ain't But A Dream (feat. Biz)
17. Perdoname
18. Turn Off The Lights
19. It's A Beautiful Morning

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