Tone-E-Lokes returns to the Chicano Rap scene

Tone-E-Lokes Chicano Rap

All the way back in 2004 Harbor Area native Tone-E-Lokes released his debut album "Raise Up" through Hardlife Records. After that he signed to Hellafyde Records and was supposed to release his 2nd solo album "On A Mission". Unfortunately he was shot before they were able to release it. The last couple of weeks he has made his way back into the Chicano Rap scene by re-releasing his classic single "No Paper Stackin" and by releasing a previously unreleased song called "We From The Harbor" featuring his cousin Mr. Junebug and Downer. Both cuts can be bought from the well known digital music dealers such as Amazon, Google Play or iTunes. Accroding to our information he's currently working on a new record which will also include some of the unreleased tracks from "On A Mission".

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