Tony A released long awaited documentation and started Roadium Radio

The Roadium MixTape DocuMIXery Chicano Rap

Already a couple of weeks ago did DJ/ producer Tony A Da Wizard release his long awaited documentation "The Roadium... MixTape DocuMIXery". The documentation which is dedicated to Steve Yano (R.I.P), a former store owner at the Roadium swapmeet and also the owner of Skanless Records, the label that released the first 3 Proper Dos albums as well as the "Latin Lingo" compilation series. For sure you also get to know more about the infamous Roadium mixtapes which were created by Dr. Dre and Tony A. Featured people include Ernie G, Kid Frost, Hi-C, Warren G, Kelvin Anderson (V.I.P Records), Melow Man Ace, Mr. Cartoon, AMG and more. For know you can't buy the documentation but it's available to stream at the official website In other Tony A related news he also started an interview series called Roadium Radio over at his official YouTube page. Already interviewed Chicano Rap artists include Misfit Soto, Mister D, Bozo, Spanish Fly, Akwid, Mr. Knightowl and Ernie G.

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