Trish Toledo continues "Dedicated To The Ones I Love" series with volume 2

Trish Toledo - Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 2 Chicano Rap

After the success Trish Toledo had with her EP "Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 1" it was just a question of time when volume 2 finally hits the streets which was the case yesterday. "Dedicated To The Ones I Love Vol. 2" follows the formula of her debut album by bringing you your favorite oldies sung by Trish with her beautiful voice. If you want to get a physical copy you can get it from the official Silent Giant Entertainment website where you are also able to buy volume 1. The digital version can be found on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or wherever digital music is sold. So far she has released no video for the new EP but after releasing 4 videos for volume 1 I'm sure we can expect some new visuals the next couple of days, so keep an eye open.

01. I Want You Back
02. Thin Line Between Love & Hate
03. Tell It Like It Is (feat. Frankie J)
04. Hello Stranger
05. Who Do You Love

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