Trouble P released debut album "Never Fold"

Trouble P - Never Fold Chicano Rap

Trouble P, one of the hardest working Chicano Rappers out of the San Fernando Valley lately, released his debut album "Never Fold" through M.O.B.G Entertainment earlier this month. Features include artists such as Pac-Man Du Gunman, Grinch-O, Sleepy Malo, Swifty Blue, Misfit Soto, Kiing Khash, Squeak Ru, Leatherface, Conejo, King Lil G, Hunnet, Cold 187um, Mack G and Big Al. So far two videos, one for "Stay Ready" featuring Pac-Man Da Gunman and one for "Way I Live" featuring Swifty Blue, hit YouTube. See the tracklist for the links. If you like the audio you can move over to Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or all other digital music outlets to buy the LP.

01. (Intro) Never Fold
02. Stay Ready (feat. Pac-Man Da Gunman)
03. My City (feat. Grinch-O)
04. Scared
05. We Aint Friends (feat. Sleepy Malo)
06. Way I Live (feat. Swifty Blue)
07. It's A Homicide (feat. Misfit Soto, Kiing Khash)
08. It's A Bad Joke
09. Lights Out
10. The G Way (feat. Squeak Ru, Leatherface)
11. Runnung Up (feat. Conejo)
12. Dead Time (feat. King Lil G, Hunnet)
13. Phone Call (Skit)
14. Program time
15. Better Days
16. Nothing Changed (feat. Cold 187um, Squeak Ru)
17. My Money (feat. Mack G)
18. On My Lonely (feat. Big Al)

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